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KolymaNET, sometimes known as the Kolyma Network, or simply, Kolyma, is a Russian congolomerate internet and technology company created by Yuri Kuznetsov in 2005.

Some projects from the Kolyma Network include Heyuri, an imageboard centered around replicating Futaba Channel, and bringing back a taste of the "old web". The FreeHostingProject, centered around providing completely free webhosting, Artika, an Imageboard news aggregator, and 2ちゃん, a filesharing website, and many more.

Team 9channel Team nc9ch Team ZONE-Project

Current Struggles [Link]
Any good organization has hierachy, it has structure, it has order, the way things are...

Heyuri.net has been revived [Link]
The long awaited and beloved imageboard has been brought back in 100% working capacity.

SH Development and 9chan updates [Link]
Important blog post regarding the recent quitting of a english speaking Strawberryheaven developer - kuznetsov opens new public space for 9chan users.

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